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The Manna Cafe Market

When you visit the Manna Café, be sure to stop by the Market. It offers a beautiful array of quality, handcrafted items from around the globe, purchased from Asia, Africa and Latin America on a fair-trade basis. Discover fun, festive jewelry, exquisite baskets, intricate silk bags, wooden salad tongs, and many more wonderful, giftable items. It’s the perfect opportunity to lend support to those less fortunate. The Market’s net proceeds support Manna Ministries’ lending programs. These programs are specifically designed to assist individuals in impoverished areas achieve financial independence through entrepreneurship.

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About Manna Cafe

The management of Manna Café is committed to a restaurant that celebrates God’s creation and goodness. This is a place where friends, family, business people, and church or other groups ease into the day over breakfast, connect over coffee and baked goods, or share a midday meal and conversation in a casual, comfortable environment. Every customer is welcome, valued and appreciated!

Developed by the co-founders of Manna Ministries Worldwide, Manna Café is designed to remind everyone that all good things come from God. The Café is dedicated to showcasing God’s greatness—and celebrating thankfully His abundant gifts for our physical and spiritual health.

As the founders explain, “This café is about serving others joyfully in God’s name.” It’s about putting the needs and interests of others first. We will offer high-quality, fresh, made-from-scratch foods, such as delicious baked goods, creative egg dishes, and house-smoked meats. But we’re especially committed to offering our guests an inviting and welcoming place to relax and connect in a comfortable, God-honoring environment. It’s all about reflecting our Creator’s love and goodness. That’s how we’re different.

At Manna Café, conversation is encouraged and reflection is respected. Without clatter or clamor. Without hurry and scurry. At Manna, unwind and make yourself at home. It’s the perfect place to delight in the company, the food, and the day.

For those on the go, Manna on the Move servers fill orders quickly and quietly, making it effortless for customers to pick up coffee, muffins, and meals to go.

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